How to Get The Perfect Red Lips? Screen legend Audrey Hepburn famously said, “There is a shade of red for every woman”, vocalising a trend that has inspired many a design greats. Bill Blass and Valentino Garavani have built successful design conglomerates on the alluring properties of this colour. The colour red can instantly change a woman’s demeanour, transforming her from a gawky wallflower to a woman on the prowl. It is no surprise then that so many women of late, are opting for this bold hue when it comes to lipstick shades. A dab of red, and a woman is ready to take on the world, metaphorically speaking of course!

The Perfect Red Lips

Red, a hot favourite of the beauty industry, can easily be considered as a bestseller for most cosmetics brands when it comes to lipsticks. Every woman has a certain shade of red in her vanity case, a shade that she can rely on for those glitzy night outs or an important dinner. Creative fields such as fashion even give the liberty of wearing red lips to work, so much so that many women have adopted it as a signature, and would probably feel incomplete without it! No one can deny the appeal of The Perfect Red Lips.

You can get the perfect red lips by following a few simple steps, a pre lipstick dabbing routine of sorts. To start off with, exfoliate your lips to remove the dead skin cells, you can use a scrub and then clean off with a tissue, after that hydrate your lips with a moisturising balm for long lasting lip colour. Allow the balm to sink into your lips for about 10 minutes. Then line the border of your lips with a matching lip liner, which will add volume to your lips and prevent the lipstick from bleeding colour. Then comes the all-important step of applying the lipstick. Once that is done, blend the lipstick with a lip brush to get complete precision. Allow it to settle into the lips properly. You can use a tissue dipped in moisturiser to remove any smudges around the lips. After wiping off the smudge marks, you can refine the lipstick colour with a lip brush. For the final touch, lightly dab a translucent lip gloss at the centre of your lips, avoiding the edges. So in just two simple minutes, you have yourself a perfect red pout!

How to Get The Perfect Red Lips?

Coco Chanel’s iconic philosophy applies to make-up as well. So if you are sporting blood red lips, keep the rest of your face simple. A bit of eye-liner and a hint of eye-shadow are all you need! The Perfect Red lips work best with black outfits, so ideally opt for an LBD. You can however be a little adventurous and don colours such as tan, electric blue and silver with red lips. Make sure to keep the look simple. Open hair or a no fuss up-do would complement ruby red lips. With a pout that’s as red as yours, it’s only fitting that you go on ahead, and paint the town red!

SmartLipo is Great For Fat Reduction and Has Become Smarter Too

SmartLipo is the latest advance in liposuction techniques. This cosmetic procedure is one of the best and safest ways for fat reduction. SmartLipo is a minimal invasive procedure that offers quick recovery time and minimal scarring. It involves laser technology to not only melt the fat, but also tighten the skin above those desired area. SmartLipo cosmetic procedures are great for those loose areas of the body that you just can’t get to tighten up no matter how hard you have been working at it.

Liposuction in the past, doctors often times, wouldn’t have an option or solution for looser skin. Today’s technology brings laser light that gives Cosmetic Surgeons a great solution for tightening the skin! This procedure produces excellent results in those tough spots of the body like the abdomen, upper arms, and neck.
Plus the good doctors will give you options on what you can do with the left over fat deposits once the Cosmetic Procedure is over. The Stem Cells found in fat often times are more plentiful and can be stored easily for later use. Now why would anyone want to store these cells you might ask? Keep reading and I will go into that in more depth.

The newest advances in Smart Liposuction involve MPX Technology, which now has 2 wave lengths. The old machines only had one wave length at lower wattages (the 1064) making it tougher to melt the skin. The newer MXP devices have 2 wave lengths; the lower wattage (1064), and then the High Wave Length (1320) which will heat water molecules and actually shrink and better effectively tighten the skin.

It may sound strange, but this fat that most want to shed, is actually very valuable and could even save your life one day. Researchers have also found a way to transform the fat deposits into Stem Cells, and collect these valuable Stem Cells much quicker than other methods, like skin cells. Storing the Stem Cells allows you to use these building blocks of life to regenerate organs or redirect the Stems Cells to build bone, heart, and brain cells.